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Art Made Using Plants and Flowers

Lots of different ways to showcase plants and flowers in artistic endeavors. From small scale to football field size.   download

Winston Churchill

Love art and history?  Winston Churchill was not just a great statesman, he was an artist.  In an essay written in the 1920s (which would become part of a small book, Painting as a Pastime), Churchill said “Painting came to my rescue in a most trying time.”  The hour-long documentary, Churchill: Blood, Sweat and Oil Paint,  explores the connections between Churchill’s public career as a politician and his private passion for painting.  Available on Acorn TV and on youtube. an interesting article about Churchill the artist at painting below, gifted to FDR by Roosevelt, and now owned by Brad Pitt, is thought to be the only one he painted during WWII and also thought to be one his best.  It is called The Tower of Koutoubia Mosque.

Lito Leaf Art

These Tiny Scenes Depicted on Leaves Are So Precious! We all know the kind of beauty and wonder nature can provide to us and inspire in us. Artists use flowers to create landscapes or trash to create a zoo filled with animals. Their works leave us calm and tranquil. Another artist from Japan, who goes only by the name Lito Leaf Art, has been making waves in the Instagram art world with his incredible leaf art, carving small and intricately crafted scenes and figures into nothing more than ordinary green leaves. The results are beyond phenomenal and show you just how far your imagination can go with a little help from nature. Thanks to MT O’Brien and Ann Holden (who got them from Dave Dolan, who may have gotten them from Dick Foley.)   download

Art Forgery and Fakes

What percentage of the art in museums would you guess are fakes? According to some estimates, it could be 20%. Particularly with old masters, it is often difficult to distinguish the authentic from the fake without extensive forensic analysis and the keen eyes of experts. Despite modern technology, the market remains riddled with forged masterpieces. download

Murals: A Short (and Incomplete) History

A mural is broadly defined as a work of art executed directly on a wall or ceiling (murus is Latin for wall). This piece provides a brief overview of mural painting from cave painting to the current day. download

Art from Unusual Things: A Follow Up

After I sent out the piece about Art From Unusual Things, I heard from a couple of people with items I had missed. Art from Dryer Lint was one. Who knew? And Military Dog Tags was another. download

Fashion in (As) Art

Is Fashion Art? An interesting question. In Defense of Fashion as a True Art Form, Georges Berges, owner of the Georges Berges Gallery, said, “Historically, fashion has rarely been elevated to the same stature as painting, music, sculpture or architecture. But fashion is one of the purest expressions of art because it is art lived on a daily basis.” download

Pablo Picasso: A Virtual Road Trip

Picasso has more museums devoted to him than any other artist. If you could travel (and hopefully you will be able to soon), you could organize a trip from Paris to Malaga, Spain and visit five of them. But in the meantime, you can visit them virtually. So let’s call this A Virtual Picasso Picasso Road Trip. download

Hats In (As) Art

Yesterday, I realized Saturday would be the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby. Hats at the Derby are a big draw for viewers. Why not share with VAC members memorable hats featured in art through the centuries? When I started down this road, I did not realize how pervasive hats in art have been. So this is just a little taste of a huge body of possibilities. download