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Lasting Impressions: Visual Arts Club

The Fall 2020 edition of Dataw’s Lasting Impression publication, pages 4-6, featured the VAC. download This full Lasting Impression issue is available here.

Proposed Officers for 2020 & Bylaw Changes

Proposed Officers President – Kathy McShane Vice President – Dena Dardzinski Secretary – Debby Sovern Treasurer – Michael Allen Proposed Changes to Bylaws The VAC Board recognizes the need to put further definition around two specific areas of how we govern and incorporate the revisions into our by-laws.  Executive Committee Board Members service terms and the composition of the Board Member Nominating Committee. As such, these two by-law changes are incorporated in the attached and will be brought before membership to vote on at our annual meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact VAC Board President, Marj Shymske. Overview of the principal proposed changes: Only the officers of the club are to be elected by the membership. These are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Additional members of the Board will be appointed by the President with the approval of the other elected officers. These include the immediate Past President and Chairs of the Standing Committees (Education, Publicity, History, Special Events). (Article 4.2) (Currently the wording of the bylaws indicates that all Board members are elected) Elected officers will be subject to term limits. An officer is elected for a one-year term and will be eligible for re-election, but for no more than three years, including any partial years, except if additional terms would benefit the continuity of VAC business. (Article 4.3) (Currently there are no term limits) The nominating committee for officers of the club will be made up of three people selected by the President, at least one of whom is not a current member of the Board. (Article 6.3) (Currently the bylaws do not specify the number of people on the nominating committee nor do they require non-Board members to be on the committee) Bylaws may be amended by a majority of votes… Read More

No Photography Club Meeting in Aug 2019

Here’s the Angel Oak Tree up near Charleston on John’s Island; photo from the summer days of August last year. Speaking of August, DIPC’s upcoming schedule is: August: A show of hands at July’s meeting said not many would be on the island in August, so there will be no meeting for the month of August.September: Photo sharing: Landscape Photography, following Dick Golobic’s excellent presentation in July (requirement that photos be taken in July and August will be relaxed this time). Beaufort City Photo Tour, early September, led by Jim Williams. September 12th Monthly meeting, program TBA; photo sharing Landscape and Beaufort City.

Creativity Takes Courage – Listen to Theirs

Hi all! Bill here! My primary mission on the VAC board is to help leverage technology to the benefit of all VAC members, both artists and non-artists; anyone that appreciates art.  I believe we can use technology to improve our appreciation of art. I recently led an initiative to add Quick Reaction codes to the winning pieces of art put up every quarter in our Art Exhibit in the Community Center. Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional optical barcodes. They can be easily read by the camera in your smart phone. Why would you do this? So you can be standing in front of a beautiful quilt (or painting, or photograph, or sculpture, or …) at the Community Center, point your phone at a QR tag on the quilt, and be taken to an audio interview with the quilt’s creator! This effort, entitled Creativity Takes Courage – Listen to Theirs recognizes the value we can each get from hearing an artists describe what inspires them, in their own voice. And this is especially powerful when you are standing in front of the art piece and listening to the person who created it. As we get better at the behind the scene efforts to do this, we hope to get to the point each quarter where every award winner will be interviewed and the audio posted. So how do you scan a QR code? With your smart phone. With an iPhone, use the built in CAMERA app.  For an Android-based phone, use NeoReader which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Just point your camera in your phone at the QR tag.  You’ll either see a popup question about ‘do you want to go to this website?’ or your phones browser will just take you to the website.  The page… Read More

Dataw Island Photography Club News – February 2019

There are many upcoming events of note. Our February program was “How to Shoot Birds.” If you would like a copy of the presentation send a request to; and it is posted on the VAC web site.  Our March events will follow up on the February presentation. March 3 VAC Open House At the VAC Open House, DIPC will have an impressive table to explain our club and our programs, and to attract new members. Contact Bill Riski for information and to help. March 14 Meeting The  meeting will review everyone’s posting of bird photographs (limit of three) and then follow with some group photo outings. We will have a number of small group field outings (all within Dataw) to photograph Dataw’s egrets and herons during their mating season. Each group will be led by one of the club’s more experienced members, Jim Williams, Sandy Morse, Bill Riski, Ellen Corbett, and Tom Brady. Early mornings and late afternoons. If assistance with Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, and Olympus is desired, we have leaders who can help. When the breeding season heats up, in three or four weeks, each leader will post times and places for their groups (maximum of six in each group), first come first served. Join as many groups as you like. April 1 Field Trip Magnolia Plantation field trip. ($20 admission, spouses welcomed). We will caravan to this site, leaving in time for the 0830 opening (morning light, less crowded). April 11 Meeting This monthly meeting will have a program on Macro Photography, by our first outside professional, Sandy Dimke. Here’s her description: Macro Photography Presentation and Workshop Small is Beautiful – Bring your Cameras and Tripods! Sandy Dimke will present a half-hour presentation on Macro Photography. The presentation will cover all aspects of macro – from botanical art to still life photos of objects. She has geared her talk to explain… Read More

Photography Club Meeting – February 14th, 2019

Featured photo this month by Photo by Kathleen Ismail. Dataw Island Photography Club Monthly Meeting Thursday, February 14, Community Center, 1-3 Program: Bird Photography How to take great photographs of Dataw’s Herons and Egrets Get ready for spring’s breeding season and DIPC field trips to Dataw’s rookeries and nesting areas Photo Sharing: B&W images March Program: field trips March Sharing: Birds We look forward to a great meeting. See you there!

Clay Rice at Annual VAC Meeting, Jan 2019

Dataw Visual Arts Club hosted Clay Rice as their featured artist at their annual meeting in Jan 2019. First video (Part 1) is the 44 minute discussion between Clay & Marj about his background, art, and inspiration.  The second video (Part 2) is the 31 minute question & answer session that followed.  “Clay Rice is an award winning silhouette artist and children’s book author. This rare artform is a Rice family tradition spanning three generations and two artists.” Instructions: lower left triangle is play/stop. Lower right box is to view full screen. To exit full screen, hit the escape key (esc) on your keyboard.

Super Blood Wolf Moon is Jan 20th Mark Your Calendars: A Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon Is Coming in January 2019 BY Emily Petsko December 26, 2018 A blood moon as seen from Sydney, Australia on July 28, 2018 Cameron Spencer, Getty Images Get ready to do some serious skygazing in 2019. The new year will get off to a brilliant start when a rare reddish-orange body called a Super Blood Wolf Moon graces the sky in January, Forbes reports. This phenomenon is actually the convergence of a few lunar events. For one, there’s a total lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon. This occurs when Earth comes between the Sun and Moon, causing the Sun’s light to bend towards the Moon—hence the spooky reddish hue. After January 2019, the next total lunar eclipse will occur in 2021. Secondly, the Super Blood Wolf Moon takes place during a supermoon. This occurs when a moon’s full phase coincides with the point in its orbit when it comes closest to Earth. These two factors make it look 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than it normally does, according to Finally, a full moon in January has been called a Wolf Moon ever since colonial times, so that’s where the “wolf” part of the name comes from. If you’re in North America, you can expect to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon on January 20. Totality will occur around 9:12 p.m. PST or 12:12 a.m. EST on January 21, but Forbes suggests pulling up a chair an hour beforehand to watch the moon change from partial eclipse to total eclipse. The phenomenon will also be visible from South America and parts of western Europe, and the moon will don its crimson color for about an hour. Other dazzling events to watch out for next year include… Read More

January 2019 Meeting is the 17th (an exception)

Our Shutterfly site automatically, but incorrectly, sent out a notice of a DIPC meeting tomorrow, Thursday, January 10th. The meeting, as noticed earlier, has been changed, one time only, to the third Thursday, January 17th, at the request of another group that had an urgent need for the Community Center facilities tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion and we look forward to seeing everybody next week, January 17. January’s theme for photo sharing is “The Phones Have It.”  All photos must be taken with any model of phone, of any subject, but since our last meeting on December 13th.  Post a limit of 5 images. Check out Bill Riski’s excellent presentation on phone photography. January’s Program will explore the ins and outs of Black and White photography:  what images work better as monochrome, how to convert images to monochrome, and side by side examples of color versus B&W.   And Happy New Year! Jim Williams

Dataw Island Photography Club website is now part of the VAC website

The DIPC was started earlier this year (thank you Sandy Morse, et al.) as part of the VAC. But we needed to ‘do our own thing’ for an on-line presence as we figured out what we wanted to do each month. Now that we have a bit of a rhythm going, it is time to better integrate ourselves into the Visual Arts Club. From the DIPC side, we have two websites. I maintain the one that contains our posts about demonstrations and training sessions we’ve held. These posts usually include a PDF of the presentation given or an interesting article, for instance.  Mike Allen manages the other website which contains our monthly photos uploaded by DIPC members. For that we use a closed Shutterfly group. So here’s the plan. In collaboration with the folks that built and host our VAC site, we have moved all the posts and files over to a new blog area inside the VAC site. I will continue to post photography club items of interest on the VAC blog page from here on out (but others can too). My personal site will be taken down soon.  The Shutterfly site will continue as is; no need to build that functionality into the VAC site. So for the existing photography club members, here’s what you need to know: continue using Shutterfly as we always have. Look for all the other DIPC relevant information, past and future, in the blog page of the VAC site. Bill Riski