Creativity Takes Courage – Listen to Theirs

Hi all! Bill here!

My primary mission on the VAC board is to help leverage technology to the benefit of all VAC members, both artists and non-artists; anyone that appreciates art.  I believe we can use technology to improve our appreciation of art. I recently led an initiative to add Quick Reaction codes to the winning pieces of art put up every quarter in our Art Exhibit in the Community Center.

Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional optical barcodes. They can be easily read by the camera in your smart phone. Why would you do this? So you can be standing in front of a beautiful quilt (or painting, or photograph, or sculpture, or …) at the Community Center, point your phone at a QR tag on the quilt, and be taken to an audio interview with the quilt’s creator!

This effort, entitled Creativity Takes Courage – Listen to Theirs recognizes the value we can each get from hearing an artists describe what inspires them, in their own voice. And this is especially powerful when you are standing in front of the art piece and listening to the person who created it. As we get better at the behind the scene efforts to do this, we hope to get to the point each quarter where every award winner will be interviewed and the audio posted.

So how do you scan a QR code? With your smart phone.

With an iPhone, use the built in CAMERA app.  For an Android-based phone, use NeoReader which can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Just point your camera in your phone at the QR tag.  You’ll either see a popup question about ‘do you want to go to this website?’ or your phones browser will just take you to the website.  The page you are being taken to is on our VAC web site. The page has a photo of the piece of art and an audio file of an interview with the artist who created that piece!

Want to try it right now?  Scan this QR code to hear Barb Carakostas interview artist Becky Wetzel, our Winter 2019 Art Exhibit First Place Winner

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