Dataw Island Photography Club News – February 2019

There are many upcoming events of note.

Our February program was “How to Shoot Birds.” If you would like a copy of the presentation send a request to; and it is posted on the VAC web site.  Our March events will follow up on the February presentation.

March 3 VAC Open House

At the VAC Open House, DIPC will have an impressive table to explain our club and our programs, and to attract new members. Contact Bill Riski for information and to help.

March 14 Meeting

The  meeting will review everyone’s posting of bird photographs (limit of three) and then follow with some group photo outings.

We will have a number of small group field outings (all within Dataw) to photograph Dataw’s egrets and herons during their mating season.

Each group will be led by one of the club’s more experienced members, Jim Williams, Sandy Morse, Bill Riski, Ellen Corbett, and Tom Brady. Early mornings and late afternoons.

If assistance with Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, and Olympus is desired, we have leaders who can help.

When the breeding season heats up, in three or four weeks, each leader will post times and places for their groups (maximum of six in each group), first come first served. Join as many groups as you like.

April 1 Field Trip

Magnolia Plantation field trip. ($20 admission, spouses welcomed). We will caravan to this site, leaving in time for the 0830 opening (morning light, less crowded).

April 11 Meeting

This monthly meeting will have a program on Macro Photography, by our first outside professional, Sandy Dimke. Here’s her description:

  • Macro Photography Presentation and Workshop
  • Small is Beautiful – Bring your Cameras and Tripods!
  • Sandy Dimke will present a half-hour presentation on Macro Photography. The presentation will cover all aspects of macro – from botanical art to still life photos of objects. She has geared her talk to explain the basics to novices yet still bring fun new close up concepts to the advanced and expert photographers. The Powerpoint presentation will be about 30 minutes then members are invited to photograph about 20 different macro setups that Sandy will provide on tables and lightboxes.  She will bring everything from fresh flowers to shells, feathers, stamps, corks, marbles, scrabble tiles, old postcards and many other small objects to challenge your close up skills. Don’t worry if you don’t have a macro lens. Most cameras offer that option and you can also use a telephoto lens (70-200mm) effectively.  Tripods are strong advised.
  • Her website is

April’s postings: More Birds.

October VAC Art Exhibit “Double Exposure”

At our February meeting we discussed an invitation for the club to participate in VAC’s October Exhibit “Double Exposure.” The exhibit will feature up to 30 of our images and hung below each will be a VAC artist’s interpretation of that image. We agreed on a number parameters:

We are asking each member to submit to the club, by April 1, or earlier (preferred), up to three digital photos. Submit your images to Lynn Baker,, who will post then on VAC’s gallery site.

From our collection of photos VAC’s artist’s will select one photograph to interpret. Only one photo from each member may be selected, on a first come first served basis. If we don’t have enough photos for all of VAC’s artists, we’ll do a second round in which our members might have a second photo selected.

Members whose photo(s) are selected will then work with their artist to supply a high-resolution photograph from which he/she can work.

For the October exhibition each selected photograph must be matted (white) and framed in 16 X 20 frames (black) (we plan to buy in bulk, with an anticipated cost of less than $30). The image can be any size and aspect that looks appropriate in a 16 X 20 frame. An 11 X 14 print is the usual size.

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