Dataw Island Photography Club website is now part of the VAC website

The DIPC was started earlier this year (thank you Sandy Morse, et al.) as part of the VAC. But we needed to ‘do our own thing’ for an on-line presence as we figured out what we wanted to do each month. Now that we have a bit of a rhythm going, it is time to better integrate ourselves into the Visual Arts Club.

From the DIPC side, we have two websites. I maintain the one that contains our posts about demonstrations and training sessions we’ve held. These posts usually include a PDF of the presentation given or an interesting article, for instance.  Mike Allen manages the other website which contains our monthly photos uploaded by DIPC members. For that we use a closed Shutterfly group. So here’s the plan.

In collaboration with the folks that built and host our VAC site, we have moved all the posts and files over to a new blog area inside the VAC site. I will continue to post photography club items of interest on the VAC blog page from here on out (but others can too). My personal site will be taken down soon.  The Shutterfly site will continue as is; no need to build that functionality into the VAC site.

So for the existing photography club members, here’s what you need to know: continue using Shutterfly as we always have. Look for all the other DIPC relevant information, past and future, in the blog page of the VAC site.

Bill Riski

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