Donation of $2,020 to the St. Helena Elementary School’s Art Program

On Saturday, October 2 Dataw residents and guests enjoyed VAC’s 2021 Fall Fest with glorious weather, talented artists and clubs selling their wares, fabulous music by the popular RK’s, and a fundraiser for the St. Helena Elementary School art program!  What a great day!

VAC is grateful for the kind generosity of the people of Dataw as they purchased raffle tickets for a chance to win wonderful prizes. A total of $1,520 was raised from ticket sales to which VAC contributed an additional $500 for a total donation of $2,020 to the St. Helena Elementary’s art program. Abby Cochrane, the school’s art teacher, has earmarked the money for student portfolio sketchbooks, a student planter project to beautify the school, and the purchase of student-friendly furniture and equipment to create an inspirational learning environment. 

A message from the school…

Thank you so much for your generous donation. I am so sorry that I was unable to meet you in person. I can tell you that the funds donated to Ms. Cochran will be put to good use for our students and she will send you pictures along the way.

Dr. Tara Mack
St. Helena Elementary School
A Title 1 School
A Leader in Me School
Empowering students to lead, achieve, and succeed!

Dena Dardzinski from Dataw Island’s Visual Arts Club presents Dr. Tara Mack (Principal) and Abby Cochrane (Art Teacher) with a donation for St Helena Elementary School’s art program.

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