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ID Format / Medium Title Author
B001 Book / Drawing All About Techniques in Drawing Barron's
B002 Book / Watercolor Getting Started in Watercolor Blockley, John
B004 Book / Oil Oil Portraits Step-by-Step Blake, Wendon
B005 Book / History Monet Tailliander, Yvon
B006 Book / Watercolor Light in Watercolor Willis, Lucy and Bulgin, Sally
B007 Book / Watercolor Finding and Improving Your Painting Style Schmaltz, Carl
B008 Book / Watercolor Watercolors Paramon, J.M.
B009 Book / Watercolor The Encyclopedia of Watercolor Techniques Harrison, Hazel
B011 Book / History What the Painter Sees Scholastic
B012 Book / Drawing The Artistic Anatomy of Trees Cole, Rex Vicat
B013 Book / Drawing Let’s Make Faces Pocket Painter
B014 Book / Painting Art School: A Complete Painter’s Course Monahan, Patricia
B015 Book / Acrylics, Drawing An Introduction to Acrylics Smith, Ray
B016 Book / Drawing The Joy of Drawing Martin, Bill
B017 Book / Drawing Drawing on the Artist Within Edwards, Betty
B018 Book / Drawing, Reference 1500 Color Mixing Recipes Powell, William
B019 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Project Book for Beginners Hansen, Joan; Linscott, Caroline & Powell, William F.
B020 Book / Miscellaneous Artists’ Manual Gair, Angela
B021 Book / Drawing Draw in Pencil, Charcoal, Crayon & Other Media Schwartz, Hans
B022 Book / Ink Japanese Ink Painting – The Art of Sumi-e Okamoto, Naomi
B023 Book / Ink, Painting The Simi e-Dream Book, The Art of Japanese Brush Painting Mayhall, Yolanda
B024 Book / History Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling King, Ross
B025 Book / Drawing Basic Drawing Techniques Albert, Greg & Wolf, Rachel
B026 Book / Watercolor Step-by-Step Watercolor Painting Alexander Brothers
B027 Book / History Impressionists Cunningham, Antonia
B028 Book / Miscellaneous An Introduction to Art Techniques Smith, Ray; Wright, Michael: Horton, James
B030 Book / History Reflections of Nature – Flowers in American Art Foshay, Ella M.
B031 Book / Drawing Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Edwards, Betty
B032 Book / Drawing Drawing for Dummies Hoddinott, Brenda
B033 Book / History The Story of Painting Beckett, Sister Wendy
B035 Book / Mixed Media Painting Various Subjects with Mixed Media Barron's
B036 Book / History The World of Robert Bateman Derry, Ransay
B037 Book / Miscellaneous The Joy of Art Clement, Serge and Kamena, Marina
B039 Book / Painting Artistic Secrets to Painting Tonal Values Kedzierski, Alex
B040 Book / Oil Creative Color for the Oil Painter Blake, Wendon
B041 Book / Oil Oil Painting – The Workshop Experience Goerschner, Ted
B042 Book / Oil The Oil Painter’s Guide to Painting Trees Schaeffer, S. Allyn
B043 Book / Miscellaneous Light on the Landscape Battershill, Norman
B044 Book / Oil Marine Painting in Oil Robinson, E. John
B045 Book / Oil Color in Outdoor Painting Curtis, Roger W.
B050 Book / History American Painting Goddard, Donald
B051 Book / History American Paintings from Corporate Collections Art, Inc.
B053 Book / Watercolor Tth Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook MacKenzie, Gordon
B061 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Wisdom Taylor, Jo
B062 Book / Watercolor Painting Watercolors on Location Hill, Tom
B097 Book / Reference 101 Dog Illustrations: A Pictorial Archive of Championship Breeds Cook, Gladys Emerson
B102 Book / Reference Anatomy for the Artist Carter, Daniel & Courtney, Michael
B105 Book / Acrylics the acrylic artist’s bible
B106 Book / Reference Color Mixing Bible
B107 Book / Acrylics The Encyclopedia of Acrylic Techniques
B109 Book / Miscellaneous Art Escapes
B110 Book / Drawing How to Keep a Sketchbook
B112 Book / Watercolor Lessons from a Lifetime of Watercolor Painting
B114 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Light, Duane R.
B115 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Fast and Loose Ranson, Ron
B117 Book / Watercolor Practical Course in Watercolors Parramón, José María
B130 Book / Decorative Arts Do It Now, Do It Fast, Do It Right Paint Transformations Taunton Home
B133 Book / Color Theory Making Color Sing Dobie, Jeanne
B134 Book / Watercolor Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Watercolor Appellof, Marian Ed.
B135 Book / Watercolor The Big Book of Painting Nature in Watercolor Petrie, Ferdinand & Shaw, John
B137 Book / Watercolor The Joy of Watercolor Millard, David
B138 Book / History William Merritt Chase The Art Gallery, UCSB
B139 Book / History Living Artists 14th Edition Smith, Constance Ed.
B142 Book / Painting Landscape Inspirations Rockport Publishers
B143 Book / Reference Floral Inspirations Rockport Publishers
B144 Book / Watercolor Painting Watercolor Portraits that Glow Kunz, Jan
B147 Book / History Picasso, Vol I – 1890-1936 Taschen, Benedikt
B148 Book / History Picasso, Vol II – 1937-1973 Taschen, Benedikt
B149 Book / Watercolor Painting Watercolor Florals That Glow Kunz, Jan
B150 Book / Watercolor The Watercolor Painter’s Solution Book Gair, Angela
B151 Book / Oils Painting Oils DeMore, Louise
B152 Book / Painting The Encyclopedia of Flower-Painting Techniques Burton, Sue
B153 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Free & Easy Wiegardt, Eric
B154 Book / Reference Artist’s Photo Reference FLOWERS Greene, Gary
B155 Book / Watercolor Splash 5 – Best of Watercolor Wolf, Rachel Rubin Ed.
B156 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Secrets for Painting Light Schlemm, Betty Lou
B158 Book / Photography Light and Film Time-Life Books
B159 Book / Photography The Art of Photography Time-Life Books
B160 Book / Photography Creative Exposure Control Meehan, Les
B161 Book / Photography The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography National Geographic
B165 Book / Watercolor From Sketch to Painting Jelbert, Wendy
B166 Book / Photography The Photographer’s Guide to Exposure Neubart, Jack
B167 Book / History The History of Art Lowe & B. Hould, Pubs.
B168 Book / Reference The Complete Painter Gorst, Brian
B169 Book / History The Eye and the Heart – Watercolors of John Stuart Ingle Camp, John
B171 Book / Drawing How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal Nice, Claudia
B172 Book / Oils Painting with Water Soluble Oils Dye, Sean
B173 Book / Miscellaneous Mastering Color McMurry, Vicki
B174 Book / Oils Painting in Oil Palluth, William
B175 Book / Oils The Oil Painting Book Creevy, Bill
B176 Book / Miscellaneous An Introduction to Painting Still Life Graham, Peter
B177 Book / Miscellaneous Dramatic Light Howe, Ptrick
B178 Book / Watercolor Light Up Your Watercolors Layer by Layer Moyer, Linda Stevens
B179 Book / Watercolor Paint Watercolors That Dance With Light – Copy #2 Kincaid, Elizabeth
B182 Book / Decorative Arts Acrylic Decorative Painting Techniques Edwards, Sybil
B184 Book / Drawing The Ultimate Book of Sketching Hamilton, Marsh, Norrington, Finmark
B185 Book / Miscellaneous Finding Your Visual Voice Mitchell, Dakota
B186 Book / Watercolor Splash 9 – Watercolor Secrets Wolf, Rachel Rubin Ed.
B187 Book / Reference Artist’s Photo Reference – WATER & SKIES Rulon, Bart
B190 Book / Drawing Sketching Your Favorite Subjects in Pen & Ink Nice, Claudia
B191 Book / Drawing Lifelike Drawing Hammond, Lee
B192 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Tips and Techniques Johnson, Cathy
B193 Book / Watercolor Fill Your Watercolors with Light and Color Roycroft, Roland
B194 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Options Loos, Ray
B195 Book / Oils Painting with Oils Gregory, Noel
B196 Book / Reference The Art Book Phaidon
B198 Book / Drawing Draw Real People! Hammond, Lee
B199 Book / Drawing I Can Draw… Longhurst, Terry
B200 Book / Drawing Drawing Portraits Graves. Douglas R.
B201 Book / Drawing Sketching and Drawing Johnson, Cathy
B202 Book / Drawing How to Draw Horses Snyder, Carrie A.
B204 Book / Drawing How to Draw Anything Linley, Mark
B205 Book / Drawing Drawing Basics Illustrated Fradella, Frank
B207 Book / Watercolor Watercolor Painting Techniques Lewis, David
B208 Book / Drawing Drawing in Pencil ParramÑn, Jos_ M.
B209 Book / Drawing Drawing and Painting Animals Tilton, Bill
B211 Book / Drawing How to Draw the Human Figure Raynes, J&J
B213 Book / History Whistler Spalding, Frances
B214 Book / History Rembrandt Kitson, Michael
B215 Book / History Dali Masters, Christoper
B216 Book / History Munch Smith, John Boulton
B217 Book / History Klimt Dean, Catherine
B218 Book / History Degas Roberts, Keith
B219 Book / History Van Gogh Uhde, W.
B220 Book / History The Pre-Raphaelites Rose, Andrea
B221 Book / History Witness & Legacy – Contemporary Art About the Holocaust Feinstein, Stephen C.
B222 Book / History Surrealist Painting Wilson, Simon
B223 Book / History Pop Art James, Jamie
B224 Book / History Impressionism Powell-Jones, Mark
B225 Book / Painting New American Painting (#15) The Open Studio Press
B228 Book / History The Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse Elderfield, John
B229 Book / Painting Portaits from Life in 29 Steps Sanden, John Howard
B232 Book / Oils Alla Prima A Guide to Traditional Direct Painting Gury, Al
B233 Book / Decorative Arts Color Play Easy Steps to Imaginative Color in Quilts Wolfrom, Joen
B234 Book / Calligraphy Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Engelbrecht, Lisa
B235 Book / Watercolor The Watercolorist Artist’s Guide to Exceptional Color Hart, Jan
B236 Book / Acrylics 500 Acrylic Mixes Paint Color Recipes for Artists Finmark, Sharon
B237 Book / Color Theory Color Inspirations Monsef, Darius A. IV
B238 Book / History Impressionist Drawings Lloyd, Christopher
B239 Book / History Michelangelo
B240 Book / Reference Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art Hall, James
B241 Book / Reference How to Look at Modern Art Yenawine, P
B242 Book / History A History of Western Art Adams, L.S.
B243 Book / History Painting and Sculpture in France: 1700-1789 Levey
B244 Book / History Made in America: Ten Centuries of American Art Various Authors
B245 Book / Calligraphy Traces of the Brush: The Art of Japanese Calligraphy Boudonnat and Kushizaki
B246 Book / Reference The Artist Revealed: Artists and their Self-Portraits Chilvers, Ian
B247 Book / Decorative Arts Painting Murals Sleigman, Patricia
B248 Book / Decorative Arts Recipes for Surfaces Drucker, M and Finkelstein, P
B249 Book / Mixed Media Paper Mache Style MacCormick, Erik
B250 Book / Decorative Arts Painting Floorcloths Cooper, Kathy
B251 Book / Decorative Arts Mastering Fine Paint Techniques Ross, S and Kinkead, E
B252 Book / Decorative Arts Decorative Painting for the Home Andre, Lee and Lipe, D
B253 Book / Decorative Arts The New Paint Magic Innes, Jocasta
B254 Book / Decorative Arts Painted Furniture Patterns Innes, Jocasta and Walton, Stewart
B255 Book / Acrylics Painting the Secret World of Nature Agnew, John
B256 Book / Clip Art The Clip Art Book Quinn, Gerard
B257 Book / Pastel All About Techniques in Pastel Barron's
B259 Book / Decorative Arts Faux Finishing for the First Time Rainey, Rhonda
B260 Book / Decorative Arts Decorative Designs Rust, Graham
B261 Book / Decorative Arts Tile Art Riley, Noel
B262 / Book / History Mainstreams of Modern Art Canaday
B263 / Book / History The World of Leonardo 1452-1519 Wallace, Robert
B264 / Book / History The World of Michelangelo 1475-1564 Coughlan, Robert
B265 / Book / History The World of Delacroix 1798-1863 Prideaux, Tom
B266 Book / Oil Oil Painting Step by Step Hampton, Loughlin, Swimm, Zimmerman
B267 Book / Color Theory Color Mixing Recipes Powell, William F.
B268 Book / Drawing The Drawing Handbook Lohan, Frank J.
B269 Book / Drawing Keys to Drawing Dodson, Bert
B270 Book / Watercolor Basic Watercolor Techniques Albert, Wolf
B271 Book / Watercolor Painting Nature in Pen & Ink with Watercolor Nice, Claudia
B273 Book / Painting Master Paintings In The Art Institute Of Chicago Wood, James
B274 Book / Oil Mix Your Own Oils Galton, Jeremy
B278 Book / Cards Painting Greeting Cards Robertson, Jeanette
B279 Book / Miscellaneous Create Your Own Artist’s Journal O'Toole, Erin
B280 Book / Watercolor The Watercolor Flower Artist’s Bible Brown, Claire Waite
B281 Book / Watercolor WATERCOLOR Simple, Fast and Focused Stabin, Mel
B282 Book / Watercolor We The People Whyte, Mary
B284 Book / Painting Learn to Paint Cranshaw, A.,Garrard, P., Blockley, J.
B285 Book / Pottery Great Ideas for Potters II Ceramics Monthly
B286 Book / Painting Enrich Your Paintings with Texture Band, David
B287 Book / Pottery 500 Teapots, Pottery Lark
B288 Book / Pottery 500 Bowls, Pottery Lark
B289 Book / Pottery 500 Pitchers, Pottery Lark
B290 Book / Ceramics New Designs in Ceramics Wilcox, Donald J.
B291 Book / Jewelry New Designs in Jewelry Wilcox, Donald J.
B292 Book / Jewelry Beaded Colorways Gilbert, Beverly Ash
B293 Book / Jewelry Art of Resin Jewelry Haab, Sherri
B294 Book / Jewelry Beader’s Guide to Color Deep, Margie
B295 Book / Rug Hooking Designing & Hooking Primitive Rugs Stephenson, Susie
B296 Book / Rug Hooking Rug Hooker’s Bible Shepherd, Gene
B297 Book / Painting Alla Prima II: Everything I Know About Painting Schmid, Richard
B298 Book / Watercolor Just Add Water Birch, Helen
PO27 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#69) The Open Studios Press
PO28 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#70) The Open Studios Press
PO29 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#71) The Open Studios Press
PO30 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#72) The Open Studios Press
PO31 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#73) The Open Studios Press
PO32 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#74) The Open Studios Press
PO33 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#75) The Open Studios Press
PO34 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#76) The Open Studios Press
PO35 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#77) The Open Studios Press
PO36 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#78) The Open Studios Press
PO37 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#79) The Open Studios Press
PO38 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#80) The Open Studios Press
PO39 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#81) The Open Studios Press
PO40 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#82) The Open Studios Press
PO41 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#84) The Open Studios Press
PO42 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#87) The Open Studios Press
PO43 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#90) The Open Studios Press
PO44 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#91) The Open Studios Press
PO45 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#92) The Open Studios Press
PO46 Mag / Magazine New American Paintings (#96) The Open Studios Press