TV Series “Master of Photography”

This Italian production is in its third season, but just arrived in the U.S. on the Sky Arts channel. Very engaging show, though the judges criticism of the participants’ photos can be brutal to listen to. But the production does a wonderful job of pulling you in to the challenges a photography faces under wildly different shooting assignments. Even my wife, the non-photographer, is hooked on it!

The shooting assignments for Season One have been in Rome, Berlin, London, and Ireland. And the particular assignments have varied widely; from architecture, to night life, to portraits, and backstage theater; just to name a few. The winner each season, out of a dozen contestants (juried mix of professionals and amateurs), gets 150,000 Euros!

Here are a few links which tell you more about this highly recommended series. For those searching, this is “Master of Photography”, not Mastersof Photography.

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